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Warm Fleece Winter Pantyhose

Warm Fleece Winter Pantyhose

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Winter is upon us! Think it's impossible to rock your skirt or dress outside in the cold?

These fuzzy tights are the trick. They’re discreet, it will look like you’re daring to wear a pantyhose outdoors during colder months!

They are designed with translucent nylons with a warm layer of fleece underneath. The result is it just looks like you're wearing a flattering pantyhose. Slip them on, they'll keep you warm, fuzzy and stylish no matter how frigid it is outside.



  • Stretchy one size fits all 
  • Suits waist: 46-82cm/18-32" hip: 48-92 cm/18.8-36.2"
  • Suits height: 150-175cm/5 - 5'8"
  • Materials: Polyester, Spandex and Cashmere
  • High waist
  • Machine washable
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